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Sunshine on your finger! A gorgeous, crystalline, bright lemon yellow oval faceted sapphire, weighing 6.36 carats, glistens and glows from within a royal blue halo of small faceted round sapphires in this unique and stunning smile maker expertly hand fabricated in rich 18K yellow gold. And for extra color and zing the tops of the ring shank are flush-set with pairs of square rubies, yellow and blue sapphires. A truly beautiful and beautifully priced estate jewel. 3/4 by 5/8 inch. currently ring

Lantern-shaped pendant reliquary; gold; middle formed of hexagonal tube of rock crystal enclosing minute wood-carving of the Ecce Homo and Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene and St John; column at each angle, lower part square, white enamel, upper baluster-shaped, ruby enamel; finial at top with double-faced head supported by two pairs of volute brackets; bottom plate engraved with strapwork panels and enamelled, projecting cherub in full relief. late 16th-early 17th century, Spain or Mexico