Coriolan blue saphire diamond necklace

Sapphire Necklaces The Heart of the Ocean – The fictional diamond and sapphire necklace crafted from James Cameron’s mind that made Titanic history. While the Heart of the Ocean never existed, it wasallegedly crafted after a necklace (that may not have even been made from real sapphire) that was on the real ship and is now called the Love of the Sea. CORIOLAN Coriolan blue saphire diamond necklace Blue sapphire necklace Cubic Zirconias Brides necklace

Estate Jewelry:Brooches – Pins, Ceylon Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum-Topped GoldPendant-Brooch, circa 1910. …Coriolan blue saphire diamond necklace 925 Sapphire (Lab Created) Pendant & 18″ Chain/Sapphire Jewelry/Silver Sapphire Necklace/Sapphire Pendant/September Birthstone Jewellery/925 A French Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Soutoir Necklace, circa 1950s. #Eleuteri #VintageJewels #AntiqueJewels Coriolan blue saphire diamond necklace