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Emerald Necklaces Malissa Malissa @remalfala @Regrann from @talahaye_man – The Lothian Emeralds ~ Every generation of the family of the Marquis of Lothian has believed that the majority of these emeralds were given by the Empress Catherine II to their ancestor, the Earl of Buckinghamshire, during his embassy to St. Petersburg 1762-1765. He was handsome, the Empress was particularly susceptible to good looking men. He gave the necklace to his daughter who died childless and passed it to her sister’s son, the Marquis of Lothian. It is still kept with this family

Jewellery Designs: Classic Diamond Lockets by AVR Swarnamahal@remalfala @Regrann from @talahaye_man – Ruby and Diamond Necklace and Ring By Orlov Jewelry

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